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Recently, an innovative Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing OFDM scheme, called Polar OFDM P OFDM, has emerged as matlab promising solution to boost matlab programming spectral effectivity of optical transmission in PON. However, matlab programming basic P OFDM would not yet carry out best in spectral effectivity as it only uses half of matlab programming total subcarriers. In this paper, we verify matlab promising complementation among Polarization Multiplexing POLMUX and P OFDM aiming at higher spectral efficiency. We then suggest matlab programming full subcarriers P OFDM by loading data on matlab programming even indexed subcarriers of X polarization and matlab programming odd listed subcarriers of Y polarization, respectively. Thus, all of matlab programming subcarriers will be utilized for useful data transmission, which could double matlab programming spectral efficiency. More importantly, because matlab programming subcarriers are interlaced on various polarizations, matlab programming cross polarization interference can be significantly mitigated, which allows matlab programming unbiased channel estimation and equalization at matlab programming receiver to get better matlab programming data carried on each polarization. I am searching for matlab Virtual Assistant to deliver administrative assist to my team while operating remotely, As matlab Virtual Assistant, you will perform a variety of administrative tasks, adding answering emails, scheduling conferences and We expect that you’ve got formerly worked with matlab programming development and optimization of artificial intelligence tactics and thus know matlab programming numerous issues which may arise. If you are interested in this task please down load and browse matlab programming connected file. Respond to inquiries from valued clientele on matlab programming chat room set up on matlab programming online page. You must be able to speak English. Some inquiries in Japanese might be bought, so please use Google Translate, etc. to reply to such inquiries.